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Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases Therapeutic Study Experience

Rely on PPD’s experienced infectious diseases team to deliver the optimal clinical strategy. As new markets are identified for conducting clinical research, our team is already on the ground and well-prepared to start trials quickly and keep them on track. PPD has conducted more than 550 government and commercial trials in infectious diseases indications involving more than 12,000 sites and 340,000 patients over the past five years.

PPD’s experienced infectious diseases team:

  • Offers reliable access to patients worldwide
  • Applies deep therapeutic experience and global resources to streamline the development process from clinical through post-approval
  • Uses our global network of monitors, project managers, regulatory specialists, data managers, biostatisticians, medical writers, lab technicians, scientists and medical professionals to ensure rapid, efficient execution of clinical trials

Infectious Diseases Global Investigator Network

PPD’s robust global investigator database includes more than 1,600 adult and pediatric infectious diseases specialists in 59 countries in various specialties, including HIV, hepatitis C, parasitic diseases and medical microbiology. With experience in a broad range of infectious diseases indications, these investigators provide access to specialized clinical sites with proven trial experience.

Microbiology Laboratory Services

PPD® Laboratories' central lab supports clinical trials worldwide in infectious diseases drug development through our laboratory testing services and expanded capabilities in our clinical microbiology laboratories.

We offer clients:

  • Extensive virology testing, including real-time polymerase chain reaction, viral load, genotyping and single nucleotide polymorphism analysis
  • The capability to culture, quantitate, identify and determine antibiotic susceptibility and resistance for aerobic and anaerobic organisms
  • A flexible approach to microbiology testing, performing disk diffusion and/or broth dilution assays to establish antibiotic minimum inhibitory concentration and breakpoints

Considerations for the Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials for Hepatitis C

Explore the nuances of the hepatitis C virus (HCV) that continue to impact the treatment strategies for the disease.

Influenza A Strains Highlight Vaccine Needs

In the past six years, the public’s awareness of morbidity and mortality caused by influenza A has increased significantly, mainly due to two of the disease’s notable strains.

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