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Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

PPD has significant experience in database building, clinical monitoring and data management activities using multiple EDC systems, including Medidata Rave, Oracle® Clinical Remote Data Capture, InForm and OmniComm®. With more than 97 percent of PPD’s studies utilizing EDC, PPD incorporates management and monitoring business practices for EDC studies to take advantage of the benefits EDC provides in conducting clinical trials.

PPD has the flexibility to work in multiple EDC systems, depending on client preference. Our EDC expertise includes working with all of the major EDC providers:

Medidata Rave

As a member of the Medidata Partner Program, PPD is accredited to provide services around Rave, an industry-leading system for capturing, managing and reporting clinical research data, designed to help life science companies optimize their research investments by efficiently streamlining the clinical trial process. Rave provides sophisticated eCRF design, simple and complex edit checking and allows for integrations of other data sources. Rave offers online training and multilanguage options, and it is scalable for any clinical trial situation. PPD has the capability to build studies in-house utilizing Rave and has leveraged this technology in nearly 100 studies, with experience working in Rave in over 200 studies.

Oracle Clinical Remote Data

PPD began using the Oracle Clinical application in 2004 and has experience in over 480 studies, building more than 380 of those studies in Oracle Clinical Remote Data Capture (OC RDC). The OC RDC application is integrated with our IVRS and global central lab system. OC RDC is a fully web-based EDC system with data stored in a central database with integrated CRF design, full edit-check and dictionary functionalities. PPD offers web based training for OC RDC and has utilized OC RDC with more than 16,000 investigative sites worldwide.

InForm (Oracle hosted):

In March 2009, PPD entered into an enterprise adoption model with Phase Forward and began building studies using InForm. This system offers an intuitive user interface, multi-language capabilities, associated modules, data integration and comprehensive online training. PPD has experience conducting over 100 studies using Inform, with more than 40 built by PPD.


PPD and OmniComm Systems’ partnership started in 2010 with PPD’s adoption of TrialMaster electronic data capture (EDC). Above and beyond typical EDC functions, the TrialMaster Suite can perform many tasks that historically were seen in clinical applications external to an EDC system. Bringing these modules into the TrialMaster Suite adds a depth of functionality that offers unique business benefits including: efficient communication improvements across multiple business units, faster study set up and completion, reduced query rates, and fewer costly integration projects. PPD also has adopted TrialOne, the leading, proactive eSource and early phase site automation solution.

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