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PPD® Biotech: Partnering to Drive Innovation

PPD Biotech

Since its founding 30 years ago, PPD has partnered with more than 750 biotechnology companies to help them deliver life-changing and lifesaving therapeutic and diagnostic products.

We understand these entrepreneurial-minded organizations have very different needs than their large pharma counterparts and the vital role a CRO partner plays in developing what is often the single asset in which a company’s future success rests. Without a partner like PPD who understands all the nuances of its unique business model and development plan, that biotech company may never be able to bring its important product to patients.

PPD Biotech is a best-in-class, custom-built offering that has been developed to provide emerging companies with tailored service that is flexible, innovative and nimble, along with a supporting team that is as passionate about and committed to your asset as you are. Through PPD Biotech, we can offer our biotech clients high-quality delivery, broad global scale, and top-notch therapeutic and medical development expertise.

PPD Biotech is a company within a company. It operates under its own business model within the larger PPD organization, making it more responsive to the needs of biotech companies. The features of PPD Biotech include:

  • Flexible and innovative mindset
  • Fully dedicated leadership team
  • Distinct operating model
  • Global reach with deep expertise
  • PPD foundation plus biotech focus
  • Streamlined governance model

A well-designed development plan can mean the difference between success and failure. PPD has the scientific expertise, global capabilities and relationships with regulatory agencies to help identify and minimize risks, while controlling costs through all phases of development from preclinical through post-approval.

PPD Biotech

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PPD® Biotech Overview

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