Early Development Clinical Research Services

Early Phase. Early Insights. Early Decisions.

Specialized experience in early development.

  • Early Development Services
  • Austin Clinical Research Unit
  • Las Vegas Clinical Research Unit

PPD is experienced in conducting complex, procedurally intensive early phase clinical research.

We offer:

  • Experienced and dedicated staff
  • Effective technology
  • Proven expertise and comprehensive services

The renowned Phase I clinic in Austin, Texas, is one of the largest in the world with the capacity to carry out multiple, complex and procedurally intensive studies simultaneously in normal healthy volunteers. The Las Vegas, Nevada, clinic has a dedicated focus on small cohort studies in both healthy and patient volunteers.

PPD’s clinical research units conduct approximately 100 studies per year and have sufficient capacity to carry out multiple studies of varying design simultaneously. Research-experienced, board-certified physicians serve as principal investigators for early phase studies. In addition to the principal investigator, research-experienced, board-certified specialty physicians are engaged as subinvestigators for early phase trials on an as needed basis.

Program services offered by both clinics range from medical writing, clinical conduct and data management to monitoring, biostatistics and clinical pharmacology. Together the two clinics will be able to accommodate multisite trials, short-stay and long-term confinement trials, small and large cohort trials, and healthy and patient volunteer trials.

This array of experience, coupled with PPD’s expertise and experience conducting complex clinical trials, will help our early development clients gain efficiencies and accelerate timelines through integrated planning and implementation.

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