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Phase I Clinical Trial Services

PPD is experienced in conducting complex, procedurally intensive Phase I clinical research.

We offer:

  • Experienced and dedicated staff
  • Effective technology
  • Proven expertise and comprehensive services

The Phase I clinic is one of the largest in the world with the capacity to carry out multiple, complex, procedurally intensive studies simultaneously. Phase I program services range from medical writing, clinical conduct and data management to monitoring, biostatistics and clinical pharmacology. Our ability to accommodate both short stay and large cohort long-term confinement clinical trials combined with our dedicated, experienced staff enable effective integrated planning and implementation for Phase I clinical trials.

Phase I Clinic

PPD’s Phase I clinic, located in Austin, Texas, has a wide range of specialized equipment for study conduct needs, PK sample management and investigational drug handling requirements.

Phase I Clinic Online Tour

For an idea of the capabilities of the PPD Phase I clinic, view our online tour.


PPD’s Phase I clinic has sufficient capacity to carry out multiple studies requiring numerous study designs and housing of qualified volunteers.

Dental Pain Clinic

With more than 25 years of experience, PPD’s dental pain clinic offers expertise in the conduct of the impacted 3rd molar extraction acute pain model.

Integrated Services

PPD’s specialized Phase I integrated services team provides dedicated services that streamline Phase I designed studies and allow for effective integrated planning.

Patient Network

PPD’s expanding Phase I patient network supports your specialized Phase I study needs across numerous disease populations.

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Accelerating to Phase I Clinical Trials for All Dosage Forms

This webinar discusses compounding at the clinic’s pharmacy as a means to accelerate development and minimize CMC development resources.

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