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Patient Recruitment

The patients you need,
when and where you need them

Finding the right subjects and retaining them in the study is crucial to the success of clinical trials and PPD works closely with study sites to achieve this goal. PPD has implemented strategies that have proven successful in driving trial enrollment and can strengthen this critical aspect of the study goals.

Acurian, a business unit of PPD, provides full-service clinical trial patient enrollment and retention solutions. Acurian uses proprietary and highly predictive software analytics to customize the most efficient and cost-effective approach to recruiting patients for clinical trials and retaining those patients through trial completion. With experience across diverse therapeutic areas, Acurian has consistently delivered to a high rate of return in the traditional project start setting and, for ongoing projects, the “enrollment rescue” setting.

Acurian’s capabilities are part of PPD’s continuing implementation of a global strategy for innovation in drug development by fully integrating key services from the outset of protocol development and effectively leveraging data-driven planning and decisions through all aspects of the clinical trial process. Acurian’s best-in-class analytics and operating model complement PPD’s core therapeutic area alignment, and global site and patient footprint. To learn more about these services, please visit the Acurian website.

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