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PPD In The News

Survey Time

Nicole Stansbury writes about the increasingly important role of change management in clinical research.

International Clinical Trials  (February 2017)

The need for—and barriers to—adopting eSource

John Manns discusses the use of electronic approaches at clinical trial sites.

CenterWatch Monthly  (February 2017)

Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products—An Evolving Regulatory Landscape

Patricia Hurley, Sarah Jurmeister and Kathryn Parsley discuss this topic from a variety of perspectives, ranging from definitions to strategic considerations and challenges currently faced by developers in this field.

Regulatory Focus  (February 2017)

An analysis of specific Phase I safety issues

Kirsten Messmer co-authored this article that focuses on the importance of maximizing safety in clinical trials.

Regulatory Rapporteur  (February 2017)

PPD to open early-stage clinical research unit in Las Vegas

FierceBiotech reports on PPD’s early development expansion in Las Vegas.

Fierce Biotech  (January 2017)

PPD opening new Phase I unit in Las Vegas

Cindy Doerfler discusses PPD’s expansion of early development services that are coming with its new Las Vegas operation.

Outsourcing Pharma  (January 2017)

Demand for Extractables/Leachables Testing on the Rise

Derek Wood talks about the growing importance of extractables/leachables testing. See page 8.

BioPharmaceutical Outsourcing Report  (January 2017)

Overview of the Recent Developments in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

Dirk Reitsma and Austin Combest authored a three-part series as an overview of recent changes to the CLL landscape, as well as future directions to inform practitioners and clinical researchers.

Journal of Hematology Oncology Pharmacy   (December 2016)

Small Is Beautiful

Mike Gold writes about the importance of smaller studies in drug development.

Scientific American  (December 2016)

Paring down the placebo response

Marc de Somer and Heather Bryson discuss how sequential parallel comparison design (SPCD) is starting to help control placebo responses.

Nature Reviews Drug Discovery  (December 2016)

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