11th Workshop on Recent Issues in Bioanalysis (WRIB)

Meet PPD bioanalytical lab experts at WRIB.



Monday, 03 Apr. 2017 – Friday, 07 Apr. 2017


Los Angeles, CA, U.S.
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About This Event

PPD Speakers:

Panelist: Bruce Stouffer, executive director, bioanalytical lab operations
Presentation: LBA/Cell-based Assays, LM Biomarkers Validation, and Immunogenicity Panel Discussion & Consensus for 2017 White Paper in Bioanalysis

Bruce Stouffer, executive director, bioanalytical lab operations
Presentation: LBA Platforms/Technologies changes in Regulated Bioanalysis

Rand Jenkins, director, bioanalytical lab operations
Presentation: Training Course Th-1 for LCMS scientists: LCMS Small Molecules Sensitivity & Selectivity (S&S) Challenges, Solutions, and New Industry Standards

Robert Kernstock, senior group leader, bioanalytical lab operations
Poster: Development and Qualification of an MSD 384-well Plate Biomarker Assay 

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