Wellness Focus, Mission and Success

PPD WellnessPPD strives to offer programs, campaigns and services that help employees improve their health and well-being. Our in-house program is growing as we offer more programs to employees globally.

There are many dimensions of wellness, including physical, social, intellectual, occupational, emotional and spiritual. Each dimension is interrelated and contributes to healthy living in some way. Some of these may be best managed by an individual in his or her own personal life outside of the workplace, while others are easier to integrate into one’s professional life and work environment.

Our corporate wellness program focuses primarily on those aspects that can be easily integrated into one’s professional life and our work environment. This means our primary focus is on the physical, occupational and intellectual aspects of our employees’ health, which include exercise, good nutrition, disease prevention and other aspects of healthy living. We also focus on the social and emotional aspects of healthy living by helping employees manage their stress levels, encouraging participation in community activities and supporting the environment.

We are eager to define what wellness means to our employees around the globe. We want to offer programs and services that meet the interests and needs of employees in different locations while maintaining a professional culture of wellness.