Training and Development

Our investment in you includes providing opportunities to grow and advance your skills through training and varied experiences. Working in the drug discovery and development industry gives you a range of opportunities, including:

  • Gain experience with cutting-edge technology and involvement in developing first-in-kind treatments

  • Be a member of a team of professionals known for their expertise in a variety of specialties across the CRO industry

  • Participate in studies that could change the quality of life for people around the world

  • An environment that stimulates you to reach your fullest potential

Examples of PPD Training

Clinical Foundation Program for CRAs – This is an intensive study of clinical trial conduct and monitoring based on ICH guidelines and FDA regulations. The program provides information and practice in the skills required to perform trial monitoring tasks.

Learning Management System (LMS) – This is a part of the Corporate Learning Center and is developed as an online training for all employees, which provides an overview of each department and provides updates to any changes in policies and procedures.

Corporate Learning Center – This is a consolidated learning environment developed over time, as we work with our business partners to include the capabilities that best serve the business needs. The site includes access to learning applications and resources for developing various skillsets and exchanging training materials.